We would delighted to discuss with you anything car related that might not appear on the list below. Just give Craig a call on 0131 334 6085


We cater for all makes and models of cars and 4×4’s. Our technicians have vast experience working on performance cars all the way through to mainstream makes and models.

In our 6500q ft work shop we have space to breath and space to make sure your car is stored securely overnight.


We know things fail, fall off or break and we love rolling up our sleeves, getting amongst it all and going home at the end of the day with oil under our finger nails! Nothing gives us more pride than sorting out electrical niggles or engine issues.

Sourcing & Purchase

We source the cars you are looking for with any given specification or make modifications to your current model.


We want your car to be the best it can be. You want faster, we do faster. You want upgraded engine, better brakes, new suspension, better alloys or new body work, we do all that.


We love projects. Complete rebuilds or finishing off that project you can’t devote time to anymore.